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MariCell ™ XMA

About the Product:

MariCell ™ XMA is a patented skin cream that has been especially developed to improve the health of red, dry and inflamed skin, including eczema prone skin.

What XMA Does:

  • Relaxes the skin and enhances fullness
  • Handles tender, red and swollen skin
  • Reduces itching
  • Soothes skin

XMA Usage:

  • Red skin
  • Inflamed skin
  • Eczema (with the above symptoms)

Product Overview:

Skin can become red, dry, and inflamed, on the hands, the inside of the arms, the back of the knees and other parts of the body. This is often caused by reactions of the immune system to environmental harassment and having something that dermatologist call a “barrier defect”. A barrier defect is a term that means “gaps in the skin”. These gaps allow the skin to lose water too quickly. The gaps also allow germs and other things to enter the body causing skin inflammation and discomfort.

Eczema prone skin can become red, inflamed and sensitive. MariCell ™ XMA has been specially formulated to calm eczema prone skin and reduce itching. The cream rehydrates the skin and reliefs skin tension.

The Ingredients in MariCell ™ XMA:

  • Viruxal® System supplements the skin’s intracellulars filling material relieving tension and skin redness
  • Specially developed Collagen particles form a protective layer across red, sore skin

Medical Skin Technology:

The outermost layer of the skin consists of 15 to 20 cell layers of living cells that die and dry out to build the corneal layer of the skin. Between the dried cells is the intercellular substance which is rich in fatty acids that keep the structure intact and watertight. A “barrier defect” occurs when the corneal layer of the skin loses fatty acids and dries out causing gaps to be formed between the corneal cells in the skin. The gaps cause loss of water and enable germs and other foreign substances to enter the body which can cause eczema.

Kerecis has developed a patented technology that helps the skin rebuild and restore the intercellular substance in the skin making the skin more relaxed and reducing skin dryness.

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